Ekant - where solitude finds many expressions!

If you have a taste for tranquil, lush and exclusive holiday getaways, EKANT may be the private retreat you seek. EKANT is a premium jungle retreat that is a venture of the Ingle family from Kolhapur- a trusted name in hospitality services.
Located at a reasonable distance from the jostle and the buzz of city life, EKANT, is a perfect place to unwin...d. Deep in the heartland of Radhanagari forest- famous for its bison population, EKANT is an enchanting haven spread over 10 acres of verdant plantation in close proximity to Dajipur Bison sanctuary and Kalmawadi Dam. The river Bhogawati flows gently close at hand. The climate is cool and salubrious.

Here, you can soothe your senses and rejuvenate your spirits in the elegant estate settings that are reminiscent of old-world rustic charm. At the same time you are assured of contemporary living with an offer of tastefully styled rooms with en-suite modern bathrooms.

A hand-picked menu that is multi-cuisine alongside an authentically Kolhapuri fare as well, promises to whet your appetite at mealtimes. Your back-to-nature entertainment options include river bathing & fishing, hiking, jungle trail trekking, bison & bird-watching, wildlife photography and biking. Luxury, elegance, style and solitude all make a fashionable backdrop for this beautiful and secluded holiday destination.

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