"Ingle Villa", Near Tehsil Office, Radhanagari Kolhapur
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Sight Seeing

Laxmi Darshan Point:
The beautiful “Laxmi Reservoir” is seen from this point. The temple constructed by Rajarshi Shahu is near this Laxmi Reservoir. At this point tourist can see and observe the Gaur (bison). Margajache pani is another attraction at this point. The crocodiles are main attraction at this point. Hence this point is also known as Margajache pani where water is available even in summer season .

Vaghache Pani:
This place is Situated on plateau of sanctuary and made from Besalt Rocks. The reservoir constructed by Rajarshi Shahu is also on this plateau. The watch tower and manora is near this reservoir. At this place tourist can observe tiger, Panther, Mouse, deer, Wild Bear, etc. At this point tourist can see Radhanagari Darshan Point, Sambar kund, Konkan darshan and Vengurla Harbour sea view. Tiger come here frequently for drinking water; hence this place is known as Vaghache Pani.

Konkan Darshan Point:
Sunset is seen from this point. This sunset point is very similar to Bombay sunset point of Mahabaleshwar hill station of Satara district. The beautiful nature of 3
Konkan the Shivgad Fort , Phonda Ghat, Malavans Sea view and Gagangad etc. are seen from this point..

Sambar Kund:
This point is rich in Karvi, Ghaneri, Rametha , Kumkum , Kadipata, Tamalpatri, Shembisal, Amsul, Honey etc. It is known as “Dry fruit of Konkan”. Sambars come here frequently for drinking water. Hence this spot is also known as Sambar Kund.

Mahadev Temple:
The Mahadev temple is built, by Rajarish Chh. Shahu, near the treservoir . Many pilgrims visit to this temple every year. Mahadev temple is on the way of Manora near Kittan Nala. Tourist can watch from this point Laxmi Darshan Point. Vaghache Pani, Sambar Kund, Konkan Darshan etc

Ugvai Temple:
Ugvai temple is approximatlely 1.5 km to the south of Digipur village and located at the top of hill. This place is rich in natural wealth. From this place Phonda-ghat, Sahyadri ranges and Radhanagari area are seen in opposite direction of each other. Large number of monkeys is observed near cold-water lake at this place.
Kalamwadi Mini Vrundavan Garden: Garden like the Vrundavan Garden of Mysore is constructed 3 km away from Radhanagari on 46800 sq. metres at Kalamawadi. The facilities like swings, mercury lamps, swimming tank, and different plants of coloured flowers, Medicinal plants, etc are created; Thousands of tourists visit to this garden every year. During period of 1 Jan 2007 to 30 Dec. 2007, about 38096 adults and 18393 children visited to this garden. And from this revenue of Rs. 4,72,925 has Gained to Tourism department.

Dudhganga Dam and Hydroelectric Power Station :
This dam is constructed in Radhanagari sanctuary near Aasangaon village. This dam is also known as Rajarshi Shahu Sagar Reservoir. Water storage capacity of this reservoir is 28 T.M.C. Hydroelectric power station is built at the base of this dam. Since its establishment sixty-nine millions of unit is generated. Per year 12 MegaWatts of electricity is generated. through hydroelectric power station . The area of this dam is rich in natural wealth. This dam is 10 km away from Radhanagari Dam and 8 km from Kalamwadi nodal point. Bus facilities are available up to dam. The tourists visit to dam and hydroelectric power station.
Radhanagari Dam and Hydroelectric Power Station: Radhanagari dam is historical place which is constructed by Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj at Fejiwade . This dam is also known as Laxmi Reservoir. Water storage capacity of this dam is 7 T.M.C. This is earthen dam. On the western side of this dam thick jungle is exist. Large number of tourists visits to dam and hydroelectric power station. Radhanagari Hydroelectric Power station is the first hydroelectric power station in Maharashtra. It is built at the base of the dam. Actual electricity generated since 1952 by this power station was 4.8-mega watt.

Rautwadi Waterfall:
This waterfall is located near Rautwadi village. This area is rich in natural vegetation; large number of birds is observed in this area.

Ramanwadi Waterfall:
This waterfall is 5 metres in height and located near Ramanwadi village. Large number of tourists visits to this place especially in rainy season. This area is also rich in natural vegetation and thick jungle.

Shivagad Fort:
The Shivgad Fort, built by Shilahar King Second Bhoj, is another main attraction of tourists. Shiv temple is very near to this fort. Hence this fort is popularly known as Shivgad. This fort is 95 km away from Kolhapur city and located at the height of 728 metres above the mean sea level. Shape of Shivgad is as like rectangle.. Shivgad Ghat is near to this fort. But the tourists do not know the information of this fort. The water management and art on this fort are main attractions of Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary. There are several ranges having height between 760m to 950 metres. Savarai hill is the highest point in this area. The hill tops are known as Sodas which are occupied by grass land with variety of grasses There are several sodas like Shivgad, Zunzuchepani, Savarai sada , Hadakyche sada , Konkan Darshan Kada etc These sadas are main attraction to tourists. The plateaus are very poor in shrubby and tree vegetarian but rich in herbaceous flora. More than 300 species of different grasses are observed on these plateaus. In the recent more than 50 species of plants have been recorded which are new for botanical science. Every year on an average of about 15000 tourists visits the sanctuary.

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